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Strange bones #4 - the broken deer leg

This might be one of the coolest bones I have.

I found it in a private deer wood just a few miles from my village, and there's probably not another bone like it. That's because it's three broken bones that have been healed together. It's from the front left leg of an adult red deer. Here's it next to the front leg bone from Alice, the year-old red deer hind whose skeleton we found a few months back.

The Mallard Duck Skull


This is the mallard duck skull that I found back on a walk here. When we found it it was still rotting away. Normally when we find bones all the flesh has already gone, but this one we put in some water and just left it there for about two weeks, then daddy sprayed it with the hose and then it was just the bone. Here's what it looked like when we found it:

Exploring the Secret Vault


Today, Dad and I went back up to the Secret Vault. It is a secret underground chamber in the middle of a wood that we found by accident ages ago. When we first found it I was on a walk with Mum and Dad and I could see bones at the bottom of it, but we couldn't reach them. I thought one of the bones was human.

Is this deer snot ?


Yesterday me and my dad were walking in a deer wood and we found this on one of the tracks in two different places, both where the track was next to a stream. It looked like jelly and one lot had a leaf inside it. Around it were a deer's tracks, maybe of a young red or a old roe (this wood has both roe and red deer).

Strange bones #3: I need your help !

Help ! I need your help to try and work out what animal this bone might have come from.

Peg found my website and emailed me to ask if I knew. His dog found the bone bits and Peg thought it might be from a white tail deer. I think Peg lives in the US.

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