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Finding owl pellets


Last week Dad and I went to explore some new woods a few miles from my house. They were so cool we went back exploring there today. We've seen tons of roe deer, loads of roe deer bones and skulls, a fox skull, a real fox, some hares and some grouse. But one of the best things we found looked like this:

My new beaver skull


Last year I got an email from a bone collector in the USA. His name was Steve Dean and he had found my website on the internet, and he sent me an email to say he liked it. He asked if I would like any skulls from America. I thought about it, and asked if he had a beaver skull, and he did !

Tracking animals in the snow


Yesterday I went on a walk to the Pheasant woods with dad. We went to check on how the buried fox and squirrel were doing (they haven't fully rotted yet) and to get to the place where we buried them, we had to walk across a huge field where sheep normally are.

There have been no sheep in the field for ages, and there had been fresh snow overnight, so it was great for seeing all types of animal footprints. Here are some of the ones we saw:

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