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101 countries, and other new things


Here are lots of little things and updates that have happened recently that I've put together:

• 101 countries have visited my website

In November 2009, I put a thing on the side of my blog that showed the countries that people were visiting from. This week I got my 100th country, which was Jamaica ! But before I could write about it, I got my 101st country which was Iraq, which is a pretty strange place to get visitors from. Hi there to everyone who visits from all over the world !

• Is this the roe buck whose skull I have ?

In August, I wrote about this roe buck skull with strange antlers which I found in the woods near the Roman fort in my village. When dad was looking through some old photographs, he found these pictures of the same deer with its mate:

Those pictures were taken on the 2nd April 2010, and it was about three weeks later we found it dead. Its body was only about 50 yards from where the pictures were taken.

• The rabbit with myxomatosis

Yesterday while I was at a school one of my neighbours noticed a rabbit in her garden which was poorly. Dad caught it and thought it had myxomatosis but he wasn't sure so he phoned the SSPCA.

Myxomatosis is a horrible disease which makes the rabbits go blind, and they die horribly. Sometimes it is quick, like in a day or so, or sometimes it takes weeks. When the SSPCA inspector came, it was the same man who helped with the sick buzzard I rescued. He said there was nothing that could be done and took it away to be killed, which is sad, because I love rabbits, but it's kinder than it dying slowly.

• The goldfinch

In December I wrote about all the new birds that were coming to my garden during the snowy weather. Dad finally got a shot of the goldfinch I wrote about, which was nice. We haven't seen it since, though.

• My village is flooding !

For almost two months now we've had tons and tons of snow, and it's freezing cold. Now, all of a sudden, it's warmed up, all the snow is melting, and it's been raining loads as well. That means all the water goes into the river in my village, and it's now much higher than it used to be. The picture on the left is what the river looked like last weekend, and the picture on the right is what it looks like now. I hope it goes down soon otherwise houses will get flooded !

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