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I'm a little bit famous ! (Updated!)

Last week I wrote about being in newspapers. More has happened since then so I have written about my whole week again:

This week has been a really good week because I've been on the TV, on the radio, and been in three newspapers ! This is how my week has been:

• Sunday

On Sunday there was a story about me in the Mail on Sunday. I'd spoken to a journalist called George a few days before, and then dad took the pictures because he used to work for newspapers. Dad woke me up early to show me the newspaper, and I thought it was a dream and went back to sleep ! Then when I woke up again, Mum showed me the newspaper again, and I was really, really happy.

• Monday

On Monday morning, I was in two more newspapers, the Sun and the Dundee Courier, and lots of people came to my website because it the story was also on the Sun website.

Later that day someone called Lesley emailed me and asked if I wanted to be on Radio Scotland on Wednesday, and I said yes.

On the same day another woman phoned me about maybe going on a different TV show called The Hour, but she didn't phone back so I won't be going on that show.

• Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, a journalist called David and a cameraman called Pal came from STV news to film me to go on the 6'o'clock news.

They interviewed me and told me not to look at the camera. They filmed me with my bones in my bedroom, and in the garden, and cleaning some bones, and then we went to Tam Breck wood to film some more. I felt a bit nervous and a bit excited, because I've never been on TV before. I was scared I might say something silly but Pal said if I did we could just film it again.

They filmed for two hours, even though the story was only going to be for a few minutes. It was very, very cool because I knew I was going on TV. But we watched the news that night and it wasn't on.

• Wednesday

On Wednesday, I had to go to Glasgow to the big BBC building so I could be on the radio show. I was going to be on at 10.41am, but we arrived at 10am. I brought a box of my bones, and I was given a security pass.

Then someone took us up to the 4th floor where the radio studio was. We sat outside for a bit looking out the window, then we went into a special room where the radio producers work, and you can see through a window into where Fred and Karen the presenters were working.

At 10.40am Lesley took me through to that room, and I put my bones on the desk and I had to wear headphones so I could hear another lady who was on the phone from Wales. You can hear yourself speak through the headphones and that feels really weird.

Being on the radio is a bit scary. I felt really nervous. Fred seemed nice and he and Karen asked me questions about my bone collecting like how long I had been doing it for and which one was my favourite. When I said that the skull I wanted most of all was a giraffe skull everyone laughed, which made me feel good.

It seemed to go quickly and I wish I could have been on a bit longer to talk more about my collecting. You can listen too my bit of the show by clicking below.

• Thursday

On Thursday I was on the TV and I didn't even realise it !

It was only the next day when I was going round to the village shop when I met someone who told me I had been on the news. Mum and Dad had watched the STV news, but they watched the news from Glasgow and I was on the news from Aberdeen ! But we found the news programme on the STV website, and watched it on Friday. Here it is:

I thought I was good on the programme even thought it was my first time on TV. If I ever go on TV again, I think I will be a bit better.

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Mum and Dad said...

Well done Jake ! We're both really proud of you.

Unknown said...

I'm writing a children's book and researching badger skulls and came across this. What a wonderful blog!

Jake said...

Thank you !

Emmy said...

awesome jake :D those skulls still wont send to you :(

Purna Organics said...

Hi Jake, wonderful blog

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