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Today I met Prince William and Kate


So, I don't know you what you did today, but today I presented my book to Prince William and Kate, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn...

It's been a secret I've been keeping for about two weeks when I was first asked to do it. Prince William is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and is second in line to the throne. In England they are called the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, but in Scotland their title is the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and Strathearn is where I live. They were visiting around Crieff today, and my school was their first engagement, and when I would get to meet them. !

I got up early at 6.30am and didn't do my normal three mile walk around the castle in the village. Instead, I got up early polished my shoes and checked my school uniform, and made sure I was looking just right, then mum and dad drove me into school early.

As soon as I got to school I went to a room for the people who were meeting Prince William and Kate, and waited there. Then one of the staff came and got me and Marianne (who was also in my year, and who was going to give the Countess some flowers) and we waited outside for them to arrive, with a special copy of my book signed by me and which had a special dedication inside to Prince George.

They came in a convoy of cars just before 9.50am. Mum and dad were waiting in the crowd outside. The man on the right is a personal protection officer.

They stopped and talked to some mothers before being welcomed by the heads of the school.

Most of the school was waiting on the playing fields  where there was a band, a helicopter, scouts (including my scout troop), brownies and guides.

It seemed like they were there for ages, but it was about 40 minutes in total. Then they walked up to where I was waiting near a new sculpture they were officially opening.

 I was quite nervous at this point. My head teacher, Mrs Ross, gave a speech, the officially opened the sculpture, then Mrs Ross introduced me and I gave Prince William a copy of my book as an official gift to give to Prince George (his baby son).

He said it was nice to meet me, shook my hand, then he and Kate had a read through the book and seemed to really like it. I'm just behind Marianne in these next few photos:

Then Kate asked me what I wanted to do when I was older, and I said "archeologist", because a lot of people don't know what an "archeozoologist" is.

Prince William congratulated me on my book, asked me if all the bones in it were mine, and asked how long it took me to write:

This is actually my favourite picture of them holding my book, even though I'm not in it:

At the end William shook my hand again and congratulated me on the book and said he would give it to Prince George:

Then Kate shook my hand as well and congratulated me as well.

They were both very nice people indeed and it was an honour to meet them both.

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Jo [Jake's editor] said...

I am so phenomenally proud of you, Jake. It just shows where passion and dedication can take you.

Melanie said...

Well done Jake! just shows how amazing you really are! I wonder who next will enjoy your book and your presence! Looks like a fantastic day! I bet you were tired after! Well done! :)

Sam said...

What a fabulous experience! Well done for handling it all like a true professional. :-)

Tim Cook [Jake's publisher] said...

Congratulations, Jake! As Jo says, we are immensely proud of your achievement. And... I am looking forward to your next book!

Daisy Debs said...

Brilliant ! What an amazing day to remember ..wow...we're all so proud of you ! : )

Sylvía Oddný said...

What. What. What.
I guess that's what I get for living in a country with no monarchy. Congratulations, Jake! I know Prince George will enjoy your book (when he's old enough to read, at least.)

Jack N said...

Man your soooo lucky

Jake said...

Thanks Jo ! It was all down to your brilliant editing !

Jake said...

Thanks, Tim, and thanks for overseeing the book !

Jake said...

Quite cool to think it might be sitting on his bookshelf somewhere.

Jake said...

Thanks !

Jake said...

Thanks ! It was a good day.

Jake said...

Thanks !

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