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Strange bones #6 - the odd skull


I found this strange bone about a month ago, at the edge of Suicides Graves wood. When I first picked it up, it confused me because of the size. Then I realised it wasn't an entire skull, only half of one, and that helped me work out what it was.

My coolest bird skull yet


On Monday, Dad went out early for a walk to photograph red deer on the Titus Well moor. As he was coming back, he took a new path through the woods, and found this skull in a ditch. It has a long bill like an oystercatcher, and that was what he thought it was.

A brilliant surprise present


Me and dad were out walking very early this morning to watch roe deer just beyond the Pheasant Woods. On the way back, I spotted a key and a keyring lying on a farm track and I spotted it and not dad because dad is so blind.

Two brilliant sheep skulls


I have found sheep skulls before, but last weekend and this weekend I think I've found the best yet.

The one at the top was from early last Sunday morning. Dad and I were watching a herd of red deer on Titus Well moor, high above my village. We found parts of sheep skeleton, and we were really excited because we thought we had found a perfect skull, with both horns and both parts of the jaw. But we looked and looked and couldn't find the other part of the jaw ! It was disappointing, but it's cool all the same, and it's horns are the biggest I've found yet.

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