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Baby red deer !


In the last month, my dad and I have been watching a red deer herd that lives in woods about two miles from my house. This week we started to see some of this year's baby red deer.

Baby red deer are called calves. They are born about this time, and for the first week their mum hides them in the woods or in long grass. When they born they have white spots on them but the spots go away after the summer.

The red kites nesting near my village


Today I went on a walk in woods near my house to check on a rotting roe deer and whether the bones were ready to collect yet. The deer was about three weeks away from being white bones, so dad and I took a break on the hillside in the sun.

While we were resting, we saw a big bird soaring from some trees not far away. First of all we thought it was a buzzard, but the head was light grey, not brown, and the tail was too long. It was a red kite !

Three red deer skulls and three new bodies


Here are two red deer that I saw early yesterday morning when I was on a walk with dad in Suicides Graves wood. I haven't seen many red deer recently because when it was snowy over the winter the red deer woods were difficult to get to. But I have found three interesting red deer skulls recently, as well as finding three dead red deer.

How roe deer antlers grow


This is a roe buck that we saw this week in the Secret Lake Wood. In the last few weeks, we've been seeing roe deer with their full antlers out.

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