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A sad story about a hedgehog


On Wednesday when my dad picked me up from cubs he told that someone was coming to the house for a surprise sleep-over. I thought it was one of my friends, but when I got home it was a hedgehog !

My dad had found the hedgehog when he was driving down the back road trying to get my baby brother to sleep. It was on the road, looking sleepy, and he was worried it would get run over. When he picked it up, it didn't go into a ball, so he was worried it was ill and took it home to look after for a night.

One of my best bone finds


I'm in Ireland this weekend but this picture was taken almost exactly a year ago. Me and my friend Innes found all of these bones in one day in Dougal's Cairn wood. It was one of my best bone finds ever.

We found three red deer stag skulls, two with antlers and one with the antlers sawn off, and a red deer hind skull. And we found two doe skulls, one baby roebuck, and one adult roebuck. Best of all we found my fox skeleton Harry.

A surprise find in a new wood


This is a skull I never thought I'd find on a walk. I found it a week ago while exploring a new wood, looking for a herd of roe deer.

We started to explore one corner of the wood, and worked all the way around until we camee back where we started. We had seen grey squirrels and three roe deer, and then dad found a front leg and a shoulder blade. It looked too big to be a rabbit, but too small to be a roe, so he thought it was maybe a fox. Then we searched all round that part for new bones, and we found this skull, lying upside down besides a log.

What made this roe deer poorly ?


In February my dad was out walking in Fallen Tree Wood by himself. He was watching some roe deer when he saw this doe. When dad first saw it he thought it was eating something because she had something in her mouth. But then he looked through his binoculars and saw it was foam coming out of her mouth.

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