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More skulls from Perth Museum

After I had my VIP tour of Perth Museum, I went to look at the skulls on display on the main bit. Here are some of the best ones. All of these were from animals that you used to get in Scotland but don't anymore.

• Wolf skull

This one is a wolf skull. I saw real life wolves at the Scottish Deer Centre last year. You could see them quite close, but there were big high fences around them. I was there when they fed the wolves. They brought them raw meat and threw it in the enclosure. The wolves could smell the raw meat when it was being brought to them, even when it was a mile away.

My unicorn skulls !

I have two unicorn skulls ! Really !

I found this skull in Titus Well wood. It was the first complete sheep skull I found. When I first saw it, it was upside down and it wasn't until I picked it up I realised it was a sheep. But it only had one horn !

The roe buck skull from the Roman Fort


In the last couple of weeks I've got six new skulls, which is amazing, and I have a lot to write about. The skull I am going to write about this week is a roe deer buck that died in the wood behind the old Roman fort in my village.

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