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Lots of different birds

I've spotted lots of different birds in different places recently, and this I'm going to write about them all.

This bird looks really cool, maybe a bit like a tropical bird like a parrot. I saw it looking out my hall window into the trees opposite, and there were a whole load of them in a tree. I had to go all the way through my bird book to work out they were waxwings, which come from another country in large groups to eat the berries here. They are so rare here there was even a piece in my local newspaper about them. They have a crest and a yellow tip on the tail.

CSI: Bambi part 1

This is the first of a series of posts about this skeleton.
You can read the second one here.
I haven't written the third one yet !

This week's post is about how I collected a great red deer stag skeleton. On Friday morning, dad and I went up to Suicides Graves wood to collect a skeleton which dad noticed a few weeks before. He brought the skull back to show me, but left the rest.

My young roe deer skull


Last winter was very cold here with lots of snow for months. Snow is bad for deer here since the cold can kill them off, and the snow can cover up the food that they eat. After the winter was over, we found about five roe deer skeletons in the Pheasant Woods. One of them was where this skull came from:

The perfect sheep skull


At the start of the year I wrote a post about the five skulls I would like to find this year. One of them was a perfect sheep skull, with both horns and both jaws. I have found loads of sheep skulls before, but none with all five parts. I found a great sheep skull on Sheriffmuir, but one on the jaws and one of the horns was missing. I've found three sheep skulls which have lower jaws, but which were female or didn't have horns. And the closest I came was this skull which I called Montferno from Titus Well Moor which had both horns but only one of the jaws.

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