As of February 2016, after 416 posts, and over six and a half years of blogging, I'm taking a break.
I've explained why here. There's plenty of past posts to read, though - hope you enjoy them !
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Big box of bones #2: The snake skull


BIG NOTE FROM JAKE: In 2013, when my book was being fact-checked, Paolo Viscardi, my contributing editor, noticed this was a python skull, not a boa skull as I first thought, so I've updated this post in December 2013 by crossing out the wrong bits.

Last week I wrote about how I got a great box of skulls through the post as a present, and that I was going to write about them over several weeks. This week I am going to write about this fantastic snake skull.

This is a very different type of skull than almost almost all the other ones I have. That makes it cool because it's different, but difficult because there is nothing I have to compare it to.

Big box of bones #1: The big cat


About a month ago I got an email from someone called Ben Williams. He said he had some old skulls he collected when he was a boy, and would I like them ? I said yes, and I got this amazing box of brilliant skulls which I am going to write about for the next four or five weeks.

Selling my first skull on eBay


Tonight I sold my first skull on eBay. I have got so many skulls now my room was getting full, so I went through some of the skulls I collected where I had others just like them.

The first skull I have sold is a red deer hind skull. It is one that I found late last year at a gamekeepers pit near my house. It is a lovely skull, but I already have lots of skulls like it.

CSI: Bambi part 2 - the stag skull

This is the second of a series of posts about this skeleton.
You can read the first one here.
I haven't written the third one yet !

This week I was going to start writing about the big box of really cool bones I got sent through the post, but I need to do more research on all of the skulls first. So instead I am going to write more about the cool red deer stag skeleton I found last November.

Last time I wrote about how I collected the bones. This week I am going to write about the skull, which is really cool and has lots of clues to how the stag might have died.

My 100th post, and how this blog started


Today is my 100th blog post ! I never thought I would get this far, but it feels awesome to have written 100 stories about all the bones I've collected.

Writing my blog has helped me a lot with my bone collecting. I've had emails from people all over the world, which is really great. Everybody had been really nice who has emailed, and people who work with bones all the time have emailed me to help me with things I didn't understand.

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