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My brilliant news, part one....


Sooo....it's been a busy week !

I did say last week that I had some news to announce: I'm in the BBC Wildlife Magazine's "Power List" of the most influential conservationists. I'm ranked at #40, which is a bit of a surprise since I'm not even one of the top 40 most influential people even in my own house, but thank you to everyone at  BBC Wildlife Magazine for including me, and for the panel of experts for choosing me as well ! And a big congratulations to the other brilliant teenagers Findlay Wilde and Georgia Locock who are on the list - they are both amazing naturalists and bloggers.

I'm appearing tomorrow (Thursday) on BBC Radio Scotland to talk about this with Kaye Adams at 11.30am, which I'm really looking forward to. My second bit of news probably won't be announced until a bit later in the week, possibly even at the weekend. But here's some of the news coverage from this week !

The BBC News website:

The Herald:

The Courier:

The Scottish Daily Mail:

The Perthshire Advertiser:

The i:

Thank you to everyone who had emailed or tweeted congratulations - it means a lot ! And congratulations to Georgia and Findlay as well !

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Melanie said...

Well done! That's amazing! :)

Robin Roe said...

Congratulations, Jake! I'm not surprised you made it on the list. :)

Anne said...

Great well done x

Kate and Roman said...

Fantastic news, well done, we are so very proud of you.

Jo said...

That's a brilliant bit of news, Jake. AND it will really help you to make a difference to our precious wildlife! Well done.

BoneLust said...

Fantastic Jake, as a longtime follower I'm quite proud of you!

Alice Mae Lewis said...

Congratulations young man! (I wasn't surprised. You inspire hope for our planet's future.)

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