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Remember I'm on Autumnwatch tonight ! (Updated)


Updated ! -  I've added the piece from the Perthshire Advertiser and the video of my clip from Autumnwatch below !

Remember tonight I'm on Autumnwatch ! It was planned to be on the Autumnwatch Unsprung, but now I'm on the main one on BBC1 at 8.30pm ! If you missed it you can watch it on iPlayer at this page (my bit is at about 46 minutes in)  watch it below !

  • Here's the clip from last night's Autumnwatch with Chris Packham !

You can read that article on the Perthshire Advertiser website !

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fluffyside said...

weldone jake, i will see you on tv tonight, and i will get back to you very soon my friend

Max said...

It was a bit wierd but O.K.
I think the next time i'll see you will be around your Birthday

Emma said...

Well done for Autumnwatch, Jake! You came across as a pro! And you know loads, which is great.

fluffyside said...

hi jake, yes you were right, you were on tv lastnight, and i think you are a star too, so well done again, and i did not know you alot of bones in your room, i must come round to take some shots, and i think you can put your photos on a site called FLICKR and you be happy to see what views you will get, so give it a try jake and see if i was true what i said many thanks again my friend

Karen said...

Hi Jake,
We watched you on Autumnwatch last night - brilliant. You can certainly gave Chris a run for his money with your knowledge of bones. Carry on with your collecting and continue to increase your knowledge of the subject and maybe we'll see you taking your place in the next generation of wildlife experts and presenters!:-)

Best wishes,

Jake said...

Thanks everyone ! I've updated the post with the video of the show and the article in the Perthshire Advertiser !

Max said...

I watched the video again an I relised that there's no 3:44
P.S My dad said your dad was on crimewatch ....

Max said...

and if another whale gets washed up on Colonsay and I get a Bone or two I'll give you one.

Alan MacKenzie said...

Fascinating! I have zero skulls and zero bones :( You came across as very confident and knowledgeable. Did you rehearse it or did it happen as we saw it?

Jake said...

There was no rehearsing apart from the first scene at the front door which I was told what to do and I did three times to get it right. In the room Chris and I just talked for hours about everything and it got filmed. Sometimes the cameraman asked us to stop so he could film a close up but that was it.

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