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I'm a little bit famous ! (Updated!)

Last week I wrote about being in newspapers. More has happened since then so I have written about my whole week again:

This week has been a really good week because I've been on the TV, on the radio, and been in three newspapers ! This is how my week has been:

• Sunday

On Sunday there was a story about me in the Mail on Sunday. I'd spoken to a journalist called George a few days before, and then dad took the pictures because he used to work for newspapers. Dad woke me up early to show me the newspaper, and I thought it was a dream and went back to sleep ! Then when I woke up again, Mum showed me the newspaper again, and I was really, really happy.

Birds that live near water


This year I've been spotting more and more birds on walks. Here are some of the ones that I've seen near to rivers or lochs.

The strange bird above is a grey heron. I saw that one in the loch at the university and it had a nest, but I seen others in the fields near the castle, and over by the pheasant woods. It is very big and has a long neck which it uses to get fish out of the water to eat.

Digging up the hedgehog


Two months ago, I wrote about when Dad brought a hedgehog home that he had found on the road and thought was a bit sick. We put in in a warm box and gave it food and water but it still died.

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