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The bomb story is in the newspapers ! (Updated)


The story about the world war II bomb was in the newspapers this morning. You can read it in the Scottish Sun, the Scottish Daily Mail and on the Sun website ! Thanks to journalist George !

UPDATE: It was also in the Perthshire Advertiser ! See the newspaper pieces below.
This is the article from The Sun:

And this is the article from the Daily Mail:

 And this is from the Perthshire Advertiser two days later (and you can read it online !):

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jordan said...

Drum roll please. The winner of the most famous person is... jake the famous bone collector lol (laugh out loud)

Jake said...


Anonymous said...

"skull boy"? Sounds like a zombie or something. Do you know if "disposed of the bomb" means they blew it up?

Jake said...

I don't know what happened. Dad spoke to the policeman the next day but the policeman was being a bit grumpy.

Grace said...

Hello. i was finding some bones for my assignment and i end up here so i watch and learn and i like watching your bone collecting..so im gonna ask one question about you please answer.. Question: Why do you like collecting bones?

Jake said...

Because they're awesome, and unique, and tell you so much about the animals.

Anne said...

My daughter Amy found a skull on Mull a few years ago and we had no idea what it was. it was too small for a sheep . We didn't know you collected bones at the time and we live in Braco. I think it was disposed of eventually but I must look up a photo of it and see if you could tell us what it was. It was about the size of a cat but quite pointed. anyway I shall try and find a photo and perhaps you could help us identify it. Love your blog.

Jake said...

Thanks ! Small world ! Sounds like it might have been a fox, badger or maybe even a pine marten. Cool find !

Anne said...

Think more pine martin in size quite develish looking quite a long snout.
. I threw it out years after, she was about six and she is now 15. she is still annoyed that I got rid of it. lol she used to collect dead crabs and all sorts. I was near the shore line just thinking it could maybe have been an otter.What do you think ?

Jake said...

Could be ! Here's why mine looks like: http://www.jakes-bones.com/2012/11/abraham-my-new-otter-skeleton.html

rachel said...

wow Jake that must have been a experience! i must say i haven't had a bomb find! but the skulls i often find out in Australia i must be careful of. but i love fox skulls and "feral" animals!

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