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A new book about bone collecting


There is a bone collector in Scotland with even more skulls than me. His name is Michael Fox and he has 1,000 skulls from all around the world ! He has been very kind to me and he gave me my first badger skull, a barn owl skull and a cool monkfish skull I haven't written about yet.

He has written a book called "The Beginners Guide to Skull Collecting" which you can buy at Blurb. Some books about skulls can be difficult for kids to read, but this is easy to read, and he has written 266 pages about his own skull collection, and how to find, prepare and identify skulls.

It has a very interesting book because it has photographs of lots of skulls I haven't seen before including a giraffe skull ! The Blurb page has a preview where you can see some of them.

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Psydrache said...

Looks really neat!
Maybe this is also an interesting book for you

Jake said...

Cool book !

dj@fomt said...

Michael's book looks great - thanks for the tip.

And here's another book link with a preview -



Jake said...

Cool !

Anonymous said...

raccoon skull girl here. this book looks AWESOME!!!! OMG! i want it so badly. thank you for putting this on here jake, and i'm going to go make my dad buy it for me now (he's not thrilled about my bone collecting, but i have a special face that i give him (it's like puppy dog eyes on steroids) and he can't refuse me anything). thanks again jake, and thank Mr. Fox for writing it. k, bye!

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