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My brilliant news, part three....


Okay, this has been one of the busiest weeks I can remember...I'm even in The Times today (Scottish edition and website)....and to end it, tomorrow (Sunday) morning I'll be on the sofa at the BBC Breakfast studio in Manchester, talking about bone collecting, being on the BBC Wildlife Power List, and about how it feels to have my book shortlisted for the Royal Society Young Person's Book Award !

I'm pretty excited about that. I'll be tweeting while I am down in England (a small country to the south of Scotland) and next week I'll be blogging about what that was like as well as what it was like behind the scenes with my interview with Kaye Adams on BBC Radio Scotland earlier this week ! 

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Melanie said...

Well done Jake! Congratulations! :D

HenstridgeSJ said...

You're getting more media attention than Nigel Farage! Excellent!

Kate and Roman said...

Just seen the BBC news piece. Well done- a very assured media person.
Love Auntie Kath and Uncle Roman

Chaz Chaz Chaz said...

Hi Jake! The other day while pulling a weed out of a cement crack on my neighbor's patio, the left (sharp) side of this bone pierced through the tip of my thumb. Is it a bird, is it a cat, what could it be? I went and got a Tetanus injection just in case. Thanks! Chaz

Jake said...

Thank you !

Jake said...

Sorry, don't recognise that at all. It doesn't look like a cat claw, though.

Jake said...

Thanks !

Pasindu Perera said...

Well done Jake! Congratulations!!!
I am 11, and also happen to be a collector and owner of about 2300 specimens of animals and plants alike, and all-rounder naturalist like you, but I mainly specialize in paleontology, osteology, herpetology, and animal anatomy, and was very interested in your page when I first saw it.
I do have some bones I would like to confer over with you.
I found these two bones in a shop in Thailand, and when I asked the vendor whether he knew what it was. He said it was from a "big fish".
I decided this was not possible, as the bones were way too solid and thick to be fish bones, which are, as you know, very brittle and easily breakable. These aren't, they're about 5 inches long, 1-1.5 cm thick, and have blood vessel imprints running through the top cross-section which is visible, as the bone was probably sawn off, because of the relatively flat nature of the end. As I have found in my previous experience, only large mammals and reptiles have these mid-ossic capillaries, so for the moment I think they are the bones of a whale, except they look anatomically unidentifiable for now, except that they both have indentations on one side, near the top, so maybe they're flipper phalange digits? I also think they are modern, and not fossils, because they have natural staining, but over where there should be the hollow cavity opening, there is a cap of stone, and in one, you can hear the rustling of something like sand can be heard when you shake it. I will send you more details when I have gotten home to all my equipment, and have cleared away the stone. For now, here are the images.
I also want to let you know that if you need any help at all, you can count on me, and so can I on you; fellow naturalists must stick together :D
Congratulations once more.

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