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Looking for frogs and toads


When I was being filmed for Scottish Television, we went up to Tam Breck wood just outside my village and I noticed lots of baby frogs hopping about.

Today Dad and I made a special trip to the wood to see if we could find any baby frogs and if we could work out what they were.

Here is the first one we found:

It was:

  • brown

  • covered in tiny dots or bumps

  • and it had some stripes on its arms and legs, but not on its body

When I got home, I looked for picture on the internet and worked it out that it was a common toad. Here is more about common toads on the RSPB website.

We let the toad back into the grass, then searched some more. Then we found this one:

This one was different from the first one we found. It had:

  • green, with a lighter belly

  • it had a stripe over its eye and a dark patch behind the eye

  • it had two ridges down its back

  • it had stripes on its back legs

  • and it was much better at jumping, and was difficult to catch and keep hold of !

When we got back I worked out it was a common frog. Here is more about frogs on the RSPB website.

I wanted to bring one home but dad said they would prefer to live in the wild.

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Anonymous said...

those were not baby frogs or toads.They must have recently turned to their adult forms though.baby frogs have tails instead of limbs.

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