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A sad story about a hedgehog


On Wednesday when my dad picked me up from cubs he told that someone was coming to the house for a surprise sleep-over. I thought it was one of my friends, but when I got home it was a hedgehog !

My dad had found the hedgehog when he was driving down the back road trying to get my baby brother to sleep. It was on the road, looking sleepy, and he was worried it would get run over. When he picked it up, it didn't go into a ball, so he was worried it was ill and took it home to look after for a night.

Here's me holding it. It was cute but prickly.

We put it in a box with cat food, some water and a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. It seemed to get a little bit better and moved around a bit. I checked it in the morning, and it was still alive. But an hour later it was dead.

It made me and dad sad that it had died. We had tried so hard to help it and keep it warm.

Now that it had died, we had to bury it somewhere. Then I had the idea we could bury it and dig up the bones later. So we put it in a wire cage, and dad, me and my friend Innes took the cage to a wood nearby to bury it.

We found a good spot to bury it where we could remember where to find it again.

I think it will take about three months for it to turn to bones. So in July or August we will go back to the cage and collect the bones. It was sad that the hedgehog died. I would rather it had lived and we left it back where we found it. But at least now it has died, we can look at the bones and find out more about it.

Hedgehog skeletons look different to what you expect. Here's what they look like.

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