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One of my best bone finds


I'm in Ireland this weekend but this picture was taken almost exactly a year ago. Me and my friend Innes found all of these bones in one day in Dougal's Cairn wood. It was one of my best bone finds ever.

We found three red deer stag skulls, two with antlers and one with the antlers sawn off, and a red deer hind skull. And we found two doe skulls, one baby roebuck, and one adult roebuck. Best of all we found my fox skeleton Harry.

Innes and I had to agree who got what. We each got two of the red deer, and two of the roe, but he got the best roe with antlers and jaws, because I got the fox. It took us ages to agree who got what.

On the same walk we found this skeleton of an old red hind. She was in the wood to the south, called Suicides Graves. We didn't pick up her bones then, and we went back two or three times but couldn't find them again. But this week, dad and I found them, and brought them home with us.

This skeleton is the oldest red deer one I've got. I've called her Lisa and will write about her when I've cleaned the bones up.

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