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Baby red deer !


In the last month, my dad and I have been watching a red deer herd that lives in woods about two miles from my house. This week we started to see some of this year's baby red deer.

Baby red deer are called calves. They are born about this time, and for the first week their mum hides them in the woods or in long grass. When they born they have white spots on them but the spots go away after the summer.

A book I have says that red deer are born in early June and the mum's don't go back to the herd for another two or three weeks. But this week we saw a baby red deer in a small herd on Titus Well Moor.

One in every five of red deer die before they are even a month old. Sometimes they get killed by golden eagles, but not round here. The red deer calves round here might get attacked by foxes or just die of the cold.

The red deer calves look cute and I hope I get to watch them as they grow up.

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