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Strange bones #6 - the odd skull


I found this strange bone about a month ago, at the edge of Suicides Graves wood. When I first picked it up, it confused me because of the size. Then I realised it wasn't an entire skull, only half of one, and that helped me work out what it was.

I knew it wasn't a deer skull because of the size and the shape. A roe deer and a red skull would be much bigger. And it was different to birds, and far too big to be a rabbit. So I looked at other bones I had and I saw it was a fox skull !

Above is my fox skull which I found in Dougal's Cairn wood. The two don't look the same at first, but if you put one picture on top of the other, it's easy to see they are the same.

It's funny because in May Sylvï found a bone just like this, and left me a comment on my website asking me what it was. I was able to help her because the shape of the back of the skull was just the same. Sylvï thinks her bone was a raccoon dog so I think she must live in a different country.

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Jennifer said...

Hello Jake,

My name is Jennifer, and I am from Kamloops, BC, Canada. I am 28, and have two kids who are 5 and 8, and we collect bones, too! I came across your blog here because I am trying to identify a very strange bone my kids found a couple of months ago. We have a bunch of partial skulls, but now I am not even sure if it IS a skull!
Anyway, I think your site is great! It is a fantastic idea to blog you bone-finding adventures, and the photos are awesome! Very informative and even educational, not to mention fascinating! I look forward to reading more, and to showing my kids this site!
Cheers from Canada!


Jake said...

Hi Jennifer !

Thank you ! If I can help you identify the bone email a picture of it to me.

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