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Two brilliant sheep skulls


I have found sheep skulls before, but last weekend and this weekend I think I've found the best yet.

The one at the top was from early last Sunday morning. Dad and I were watching a herd of red deer on Titus Well moor, high above my village. We found parts of sheep skeleton, and we were really excited because we thought we had found a perfect skull, with both horns and both parts of the jaw. But we looked and looked and couldn't find the other part of the jaw ! It was disappointing, but it's cool all the same, and it's horns are the biggest I've found yet.

This picture was taken early this morning, at an amazing deserted house near the Pheasant Woods. A female sheep had died, and we found the skull, both parts of the jaw, and other leg bones. This is what the house looked like. We explored everywhere.

At the back of the farmhouse we found a dead sheep that was still rotting. It looked like it was a female sheep that got its horns caught in a gate and got stuck. The saddest thing was, I think it still had a baby lamb in its tummy which you could see. It was really sad, and a horrible way to die. But now that it's dead, we will remember to go back in a couple of months to look at the bones.

UPDATE: I've written more about the sheep skeleton here.

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Heath Barnes said...

Jake can you give me the measurements of the largest skull ie highest and longest ? Heath.

Jake said...

The horned one was 24cm long, 14cm wide and the eye socket was 4.2cm.

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