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My trip to Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre


(Somehow most of this post got deleted after I wrote it. It used to me much longer ! I have written another post about Auchingarrich here)

This is me today at Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre which is not far from my house. I saw roe deer and red deer and fallow deer and there were supposed to be Chinese water deer, but I couldn't see those. There was also a cow skull and a goat skull. The cow skull was massive. I would really like one of those.

One of the best bits was a table full of deer antlers. The biggest had six points and was a fallow deer antler.

Below is one of the baby roe deers. You can tell it's still a baby because it has spots on its coat.That was silly of me ! That's not a baby roe, but a fallow deer. You can see another type of fallow deer in the background that's just white. A few months ago, at the end of May, me and Daddy found a family of roe deer in a wood just north of the village. We spotted two babies, which were hiding in the bracken, and were maybe just two weeks old. Baby roe deers get left hidden by their mummys so that foxes can't find them.

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