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Yellowhammers and other cool birds


The last ten days have been absolutely terrible with snow here in Scotland. Last winter was bad, but this one looks worse. My school was closed all last week, and on Monday my mum had to sleep at her work because she couldn't get home. Last night was -19c in my village, which I think was the coldest place in Scotland, and the night before that was -18c.

When it gets snowy more birds come to my bird table. That's because we put lots of bird seed out, and they can't find food elsewhere. We normally get blackbirds, chaffinches and house sparrows, but when it's snowy, we get all different kinds of bird and it's exciting to see new ones.

I saw the bird in the picture above for the first time on Wednesday when I came back from school. It was very very bright yellow and different from any other bird I've seen. I looked it up in my Scottish Birds book and it was a yellowhammer which is a totally cool name. There were at least two of them, so maybe they are a pair. They didn't eat from the bird feeder, but picked up the dropped seed from the ground.

The bird above is a female brambling. I saw just one male and one female last winter, and wrote about them here.

When Dad saw this one he didn't know what it was, and he had to ask his friends on Facebook. He thought it might have been a linnet, but it was a dunnock. It had bright legs and looks like it is wearing a grey balaclava.

This one looks just like a house sparrow which we get loads of because live in the hedge on the other side of the lane. But the marking on the face is strange. That means it is a tree sparrow. I've only seen one. If you look closely the top of the head is brown, not grey which is another way to tell the difference.

The last bird has been annoying my dad all week, because he hasn't be able to get a picture of it. He saw it twice and the first time he was carrying my baby brother and by the time he put him down and picked up the camera, the bird had flown off. The second time he just got a picture of its back. It is a goldfinch and it has an amazing red face.

The snow and cold is a big nuisance but at least I get to see new birds !

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