I'm shortlisted for the Cairngorms Nature Young Presenter competition !
The winner is decided by a public vote: can you vote for me here ? Thanks !
Looking for a brilliant present for a young naturalist ? Buy my book ! Available from Amazon UK,
Amazon US and worldwide but buy from a local bookshop if you can.

Have a happy Christmas !


Happy Christmas everyone ! I'm hoping to get loads of presents and I hope you do too !


If you've found this blog post to be useful, and would like to say thank you, then I would REALLY appreciate it if you can vote for me in the Cairngorms Nature Young Presenter Awards. It's really easy - and just takes a few seconds (and a couple of clicks) !

1. Click here for the competition page (a new browser window will open)

2. Click "Vote" on the video with this thumbnail:
3. Confirm in the next window. Thank you VERY much - I really appreciate it !

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Katie said...

Happy Christmas, Jake !

Jake said...

Thank you ! Hope you had a good one too !

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