As of February 2016, after 416 posts, and over six and a half years of blogging, I'm taking a break.
I've explained why here. There's plenty of past posts to read, though - hope you enjoy them !
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I've changed my blog address !


Did you notice I've changed my blog address ? From now on, my blog is at www.jakes-bones.com which is simpler than the old jakes-bones.blogspot.com address, although that one will still work too.

Everything should work with the new address now, but if you notice anything broken, let me know !

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Batboy said...

Hey Jake! Awesome! This is great! By the way, do you have any tips on where to look and what to look for when searching for bones?

Jake said...

Hi Batboy !

I've been meaning to write a post on that for ages. I will try to do it next week.

Unknown said...

I found a squirrel bones in my backyard, and my sister is curious what would happen if you would put the bones in rubbing alcohol because the bones are still a little dirty. Do you know what will happen to the bones if you put the bones in the alcohol?

Jake said...

Hi Kaitlyn. I don't know. I've only used peroxide or biological washing powder.

nina gregory said...

I would like to know how to handle a fresh body of a water shrew and how to get rid of the flesh so I have the bones but im not too sure since their saliva is poisonous and this is my chance to become a bone collector.
please could you reply and help me become like you!

Jake said...

Hi Nina. I've answered it where you posted the original comment: http://www.jakes-bones.com/2013/03/my-dads-good-deed-that-didnt-end-well.html

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