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Stop the cull: sign the petition to save the badgers


This is a short post but it's about something I feel strongly about and I want you to support it too.

This week the Badger Trust lost a court case to stop the government killing badgers. The government want to shoot wild badgers to stop the spread of a disease called bovine tuberculosis, which means thousands of cows every year have to be killed.

I don't have a problem with animals being shot to protect the countryside, and it happens to foxes, rabbits and deer. But there is absolutely no scientific evidence that shooting badgers will protect cows from bovine TB, and it might even make things worse. Shooting badgers for no reason is just stupid.

It would happen only in England. In Wales they are planning to vaccinate (give a medical injection to) badgers. It won't affect anything in Scotland, where I live. That doesn't mean I shouldn't care about it.

There is a very good piece about it on the Huffington Post. You can read more about it at the RSPCA website, and also at the Just Do Something website, and also here and here.

You can show your support by signing this petition (over 15,500 signatures so far) or the one at 38 degrees (over 62,000 !), or email your MP and the Prime Minister about it at the RSPCA website. Do it now !

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Jack N said...

I will fight tooth and claw to stop badgers being culled.No-one kills badgers on my watch!

Jake said...

There are times when it's right to kill wild animals like deer, rabbits and foxes, but this isn't one of them.

Jack N said...

Jake!Brilliant news!The english badger cull has been stopped this year(although it may happen next year)!I am so happy since I have an obsession with badgers! (-:

Jake said...

Hi Jack

Do you mean this ? I think it's only a small part of England not the whole of England.

Jake said...

I heard back from Gordon Banks, who is my MP and who I wrote to about the badger cull. He says he is very much against it, which is good and really nice he took the time to reply.

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