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I'm featured in the Telegraph magazine today


I did an interview in January for the Telegraph Magazine as part of an article on child bloggers and it's finally been published today. It is a lot like the piece I was featured in for The Times in August. I am one of five bloggers featured. You can see it here online.

Like the Times one, I have good and bad thoughts about it. It's great to be featured, but there were mistakes in the article. Most importantly I don't have a bald eagle skull (underlined for anyone involved with CITES). I do have a golden eagle skull, and I went to a LOT of effort to make sure I was allowed to keep it by law.

I don't live in Perth (which is a city, I live in Perth and Kinross, which is a county), I don't know why Professor Black was researching furcula so I don't know whether it was part of a 15 year old murder investigation - the murder thing was just what Professor Black had been doing when I did the interview, and the thing I said about Jenson Button was really about when bone experts like Professor Black visit my blog.

Also, there is not a SINGLE JOURNALIST in the WHOLE WORLD who understands what 'website hits' means so I don't know why they keep asking about them. I did explain that when I was interviewed.

The other children featured are:

I am the only science or nature blogger in either this article or the Times article, and the one who has been blogging for longest (almost four years now). The shortest blogger featured must have been blogging for only a month when they were interviewed.

I hope it inspires other kids to write their own blogs, especially about science or wildlife. If you're thinking of starting a blog, I wrote a piece about being a child blogger and my tips last August.

I've been off school this week with my broken leg, and I hope to write this week's proper post tomorrow.

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Sam Pope said...

Hi Jake,
Well done for being in the Telegraph this weekend. Holly and I will be following your blog with interest from now on. We too had mistakes in our write-up, with Holly's age (you're right, she's 10, not 6) and also with the hits - when Ms Salter wrote the feature we had 6000 hits altogether, not per month! We hope your broken leg mends soon and thanks for linking to our blog (Childtastic). Best wishes Sam and Holly

Jake said...

Thanks ! It was good to see the other blogs featured.

Maelo Manning said...

HI Jake,
Thanks for posting a link to my blog :) I enjoy reading your blog and I hope that your leg gets better.

Jake said...

Thanks ! You got a great two pages in the piece, I'm jealous :-)

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