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Why mums are brilliant


On Friday my dad went out to see if the roe deer had had their babies yet. He walked quietly around the edge of Quoiggs wood, staying clear of the bracken because roe mothers keep their babies hidden in long grass or foliage for the first few weeks, until they are strong enough to stay with their families and run from predators.

He had seen a few deer when he heard a doe ( a female roe) startle in the wood, and start barking. Deer usually bark to alert the rest of the herd to run away from danger, and this doe moved away a bit. Dad thought the wood would be clear now so he walked in and watched for birds. Then something strange happened.

The doe came back ! Dad was hidden behind some tufts of reeds but he could see her come in the woods and sniff for danger.  This was unusual because normally roe run away from danger but this roe was coming back. Dad thought it was best to stay hidden but the doe stayed sniffing the air and looking for him. She barked some more even though she was the only roe left, and dad realised she was barking to try and scare him off, not to give a warning.

What must have happened was something amazing. This doe had given birth to one or two babies which were now hidden in the bracken nearby. While wild  roe are timid and shy and prefer to run away from humans, this mum decided to be brave, to stay and protect her babies even though she was scared.

Today it is my mum's birthday. She is amazing and brave and would do anything for me too. Happy birthday, mum.

UPDATE 25/08/13: She had twins. (The roe deer, not my mum).

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Haleigh said...

I never realized they were so tiny! I kept thinking that they were the size of the mule deer I see here in Nevada.

Jake said...

They are only slightly smaller, roe deer at 80cm to the shoulder, mule deer are about 1m.

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