As of February 2016, after 416 posts, and over six and a half years of blogging, I'm taking a break.
I've explained why here. There's plenty of past posts to read, though - hope you enjoy them !
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I started blogging four years ago today !


Today is my fourth blogiversary ! I wrote my very first post on 21st July 2009, and since then I have written 257 posts, which is just over one a week. Since then a lot of things have happened (like my book !), and my blog posts now are longer and more detailed than they used to be, but I still do things just the same as when I started, and I am glad so many other people enjoy what I write.

One of the first things I did when I set up the website was to add a bit of code (from Statcounter) that tells you about people that visit, and how they got to my website. Sometimes the things people are searching for are weird or funny. So here as a special extra post on my blogiversary are some of the ones I thought were the funniest !

• "Roe deer they had happened in my dimension what does this mean ?"

I think it's a case for The Doctor.

• "I wish I had a broken bone"

I did that. You don't want to, trust me.

• "Funny pictures of cats with broken necks"

I don't think "funny" means what you think it does.

• "Birds that look like pigeons"

I believe the birds that look like pigeons are called "pigeons".

• "Repairing a bullet hole in a skull"

You should really see a doctor rather than try to do it yourself.

• "I am going postal what should I do my name is jake peacock"

Cool ! Being a postman would be a pretty good job. Ah, I've just looked up what "going postal" means. You need help, Jake Peacock.

• "2 raccoons having sex"

I am guessing that there's probably not much to do in Albuquerque.

• "Baby garials sex videos"

Or Bangalore. (Garials are fish-eating crocodiles)

• "White baby all dirty need to clean up"

You need baby wipes.

• "Half horse half zebra"

I think you mean a zebroid, or maybe a quagga. But why does the Department of Homeland Security want to find out about them ?

• "How to grow a baby deer"

You need a big flowerpot, and water daily.

• "I found the brush in the room which probably took some days or hours. I took the toothbrush by my ha..."

Whoa, slow down Shakespeare. I've no idea why you ended up at my site, though.

• "I shot a woodpidgeon should I feed it my ball python"

No. That's because woodpigeons don't eat ball pythons.

• "It has 8 bones and 1 leg. It's skin is black and no flesh"

It's a haggis !

• "How to clean animal bones" (searched by Domino's Pizza)


• "Big ass elephant cleaner clean"

I would use a hosepipe to clean a big-ass elephant. How did the elephant get to Brazil anyway ?

• "How to store bat bones for good luck"

It's not so good luck for the bat, though.

• Slightly naughty stuff.

In the UK, there's a common type of bird called a 'tit', like a blue tit or long-tailed tit. Sometimes I write about them. This confuses some people who end up at my website looking for something different:

Some bad language. Click and hold down to see the full picture or click here to see in a new window.

• "Scotland museums about half human and half animals"

Half human and half animals ? Sounds like my old P7 class.

• "Do a crocodile have bones ?"

Yes it do.

• Cool visitors.

All my visitors are cool, obviously, but I've also had lots of cool places visiting my blog, like NASA, the BBC (a lot) British Antarctic Survey, the Natural History Museum, some of the Paris museums,  and once I had someone from a base at the South Pole. I think it's cool the FBI searched for me by name.

And the Smithsonian too.

• Finally....

I've got several thousand but I don't think that's the answer you're looking for !

Thanks to everyone who has been reading for the last four years !

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Jon Price said...


Happy Blogiversary Jake. Keep up the good work.

Jon :o)

Jake said...

Thanks !

Wouter van Gestel said...

Well Jake, I'm honored that you referred to my website www.skullsite.com in your first post of your blog. Keep up the good work, and if I come across some skulls I do not need in my collection during the holidays, I'll think of you.

Christine Sutcliffe said...

Hahaha, some of those are brilliant!

'bird that looks like a pigeon' - classic. XD

Jake said...

Ha, thanks, your site is brilliant, though. And thanks, that would be amazing if you have anything spare ?

Jake said...

It was a shame I couldn't find the screenshot of the visitor from the South Pole.

Jordan said...

I love your blog!
I mentioned you in my blog post over at my blog," In the Making..."! Check it out @ jordanfluker.wordpress.com!
If you can, could you email me any tips on good blogging?
if so, my email is, jordanfluker2001@gmail.com.

Jake said...

Hi Jordan ! Thanks for writing about me on your blog. This post might be able to help but I'll email as well: http://www.jakes-bones.com/2012/08/my-top-ten-tips-for-other-child-bloggers.html

Sylvía Oddný said...

Congrats, Jake. Keep it up!

Jake said...

Thanks ! In another four years I'll be 15, that's scary.

Sylvía Oddný said...

Believe me, being fifteen is a lot less freaky than people tend to tell you xD

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