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Look out for me on CBBC Wild this Saturday !


So my news for this week is that I'm appearing on the first episode of the new series of CBBC Wild this Saturday ! It's on at 9am on the CBBC Channel, and my bit is one of the weekly segments about young naturalists.

I spent two days filming with Wild last month at my home and the woods around it. I've done filming before, but it was really exciting going out with the crew and narrating a typical day for me. I was filmed finding two skeletons, cleaning bones, working with my trail camera, rearticulating part of a skeleton, and laying out Roger (the skeleton I blogged about last week).

It was a really good crew to work with, and a whole load of fun. I'm going to do a behind the scenes blog post early on Saturday morning to say more about the filming and what it was like. There's also a piece in today's Perthshire Advertiser about the programme as well !

I had GREAT FUN filming it and I hope you enjoy it too ! Remember to watch this Saturday (13th) on the CBBC Channel at 9am, and remember to check my blog again then as well !

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Melanie said...

Yes!! Well done! I will definitely be watching! :-)

Findlay Wilde said...

Well done Jake. I will be out ringing, but I will get it on i-player I hope

Jake said...

Thanks Findlay ! I'm normally out walking or on my bike at that time as well !

Jake said...


Ailin Zhang said...


Ailin Zhang said...


Ailin Zhang said...


Ailin Zhang said...

I'll be watching too and my sisters are back from scotland so i can watch it with them.yay! Im so exited to watch on saturday. :) : -) \:-() :-)

Ailin Zhang said...

;o :0 :o:) :-) :-() :-0:-o

Jake said...

This post was from a few weeks ago, Ailin, and I was on the first of the series. BUT...I'm back on Wild this Saturday (8th November) in a Behind the Scenes show.

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