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Is this a pine marten on my trail camera ?


As you know, I've been filming with my trail camera for about a year now. I got this video last night, with my camera which is filming a spot just outside an overgrown disused graveyard in the middle of a wood. But it isn't clear and I need some help working out what it shows ! 

Keep a close eye on the bottom of the wall on the left. Is that a pine marten ? You can hear something as well, but it's very indistinct, so you'll have to turn your sound up. 

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Mel said...

Brilliant, funny and brilliant! Happy Halloween Jake! :-)

Unarla said...

That's no Pine Marten, that's a European Zombie (Zombus zombus) it's a very rare species, you are lucky to have caught it on camera.

Jake said...

Thanks !

Jake said...

I know, right ?

Gabriel said...

nice blog and I like your skulls and bones

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