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A dead fox in my village

Today, we found this dead fox by the side of the main road that goes through my village. We think it must have been hit by a car.

I love foxes. Farmers don't like foxes, and I can see why, because they kill the farmer's animals like chickens and lambs, but I still think they are lovely creatures.

One night me and my mum and my dad went out at dusk to hide and watch red deer. While we waiting for the deer, hidden in the woods, a fox came really close to us before it spotted us. I thought it was cool. It ran over to the other side of the valley and watched us for ages. It had a beautiful red coat, and a lovely bushy tail.

I measured the dead fox with my feet, and it was five footsteps long from its nose to the end of its tail. My shoes are about 23cm long, so it was 115cm long. Wikipedia says red foxes bodies are about 46 to 90 cm long, and their tails are about 30 to 55 cm, meaning that the total length is about 76 to 145cm, so it was probably an adult.

I don't know what it was doing in the village. It might have been looking for food in the bins, but there is a big pheasant wood with plenty of food for it just on the other side of the river.

I already have a fox skull and some bones, although not a whole skeleton - you can read more here.

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