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Some strange ice in the woods

Last weekend me and my dad when up to the Pheasant Woods. We had to be careful because it was icy, and because this is the time of year that the pheasants get shot. We found lots of bones, but they were all from pheasants that had been killed by foxes, so we didn't bring any back. We also saw a red squirrel, a group of five roe deer in the woods, and a big deer by itself that might have been a red hind but was probably just a roe.

The strangest thing we found was this strange ice. All the woods were icy, with frozen raindrops on every branch, but this was different because it didn't look like normal ice, but more like white fur.

Dad thought it might have been some kind of strange furry fungus, but he took a bit and it was just ice. When he melted it in his hand it just turned to water without anything inside that the ice formed around. This ice was strange because it wasn't over all the tree, but just over one bit of one branch.

I don't understand how it formed like that, but it looked quite cool.

I brought back some shotgun shell cases, a bone from some kind of animal's spine, and some nice feathers, but I'll write about them another time. No walks this weekend, though - it's been too snowy !

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Jeroen Verhoeff said...

In Holland we call this icehair: water coming out of the branchfreezes and forms like this.


Jake said...

Brilliant ! Thanks !

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