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The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch


Last weekend I took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch for the RSPB. I had to see what birds landed in my garden, and write down the most I saw at one time.

In my garden is a bird table with peanuts, sunflower seeds and fat balls. We get a quite a lot of birds, but they might get scared off by all the cats in the village. Sometimes my cats bring in birds they have caught.

We get a lot of chaffinches - that's the bird at the top. I think they are very beautiful. I only saw one last weekend, but before we have seen four or five all together. Chaffinches love the seeds on my bird table.

Above is a robin. We only saw one at the weekend, but we only usually see one at a time anyway. Robins fight each other, so they don't go near each other.

The picture at the left is of a blue tit eating nuts from my feeder. Blue tits are beautiful, and very fast. They use their beak to break up the nuts.

The bird below is a starling. Starlings have a yellow beak, and in winter they have white spots on their body.

This next bird confused us a little bit. When my daddy first saw it, he thought it was a coal tit, but when we looked at the pictures we saw the black stripe going all the way down its tummy, and coal tits don't. It also only has one stripe on its wings, and coal tits have two. That means it's a great tit.

The next bird was the most difficult to identify. There were two of them, and we thought maybe they were greenfinches.

We used the RSPB bird identifier to work out what it was, and it was a siskin. They are supposed to be common in Scotland, but these were the first ones I had seen.

Other birds we saw but didn't take picture of were blackbirds, sparrows and jackdaws.

I'm starting to get more interested in birds now, and I see loads on my walks. Mum and dad have bought me membership of the RSPB so I can find out more about them.

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