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Working out what a mystery animal was


This is an animal that my dad spotted in the woods about a week ago. I went back with him to the wood where he saw it, but we couldn't spot it. He gave me the photographs and said I had to work out what it was.

I went with my mum to the library, and after I looked in some books, I thought it had to be either a stoat or a weasel, but I've never seen either of these creatures myself. They both look very similar, with a brown coat and a white tummy, and they both are about the same size. Even their skulls look alike (and a bit strange !).

The way I worked out whether it was a stoat or a weasel was from this next picture. Stoats have a black tip on their tail, but weasels don't, so it must be a stoat. Here's a good page to help tell them apart.

I think the stoat looks lovely, and it would be great to see one myself.

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