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Can you guess how I did it ?


Did you fall for my post on Sunday ? I left in lots of clues like the Maydupp (MADE UP) Forest, the Knotreall (NOT REAL) Estate and the Phaycce (FAKE) Woods. There are also no unicorns in Scotland, the fallen trees were due to the storms in November, the tree markings were from a woodpecker, and the footprints I just made up. And haggis are not toilet trained and they don't eat french pancakes ! The video was good fun to make.

Dad made the skull on the computer from photos of five of my other (real) skulls. Can you work out what the other animals were ? And for a bonus, what was the animal noise when the haggis ran away on the video ?

Put your answers in the comments !

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Sarah said...

1. roe deer
2. ?
3. crocodile
4. dog
5. ?
sound: hyena

PhenomenalJohn said...

#1 sheep
#2 ?
#3 crocodile
#4 fox
#5 badger

sound: chimpanzee

Rhea said...

I can't think of any creature that has a disc-like frame for the eye socket. Your dad did a great job splicing those skull parts together. You had me fooled because you're so good at your animal osteology, I immediately trusted the whole post. Nice one, Jake!

jordan said...

1. roe deer
2.human ;)

Jake said...

1. Red deer (my skull named Quentin, which you can see in the tenth picture here)

2. Cat (See that skull here)

3. Crocodile (see that here)

4. Clouded leopard - sort of. The canine in it isn't the original and came from another big cat (see that here)

5. Badger (I haven't written about that specific skull yet)

Well done everyone !

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