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My pile of spare bones in the kitchen


Whenever I come back from a walk, the first room I come into is the kitchen, and this is where the small bones that I bring back end up. The pile grows and grows and grows until Mum goes off on one and I have to tidy them up. At the moment the pile is quite big, so as it's my school holidays at the moment, I went through them to see what I could find. Here is what is there at the moment:

  • The loose bones

First of all there is a tub full of bigger animal bones:

  1. Middle part of a skull that I found in the new wood I explored in January. Not sure what it is yet.
  2. A very small sheep horn that I found in the village
  3. A furcula from a small or medium sized bird.
  4. A squirrel skull found in the same wood as number 1.
  5. A fox upper canine
  6. A jaw from a very old roe deer
  7. Hips from either a small cow or big sheep that I found last weekend in a deserted farm.
  8. A jaw from a young red deer, maybe six months old.
  9. A humerus off a big bird, maybe a heron, that I found while shooting the haggis video
  10. A humerus off a much smaller bird
  11. A metacarpal (lower front leg bone) that I found just outside the village that I thought was from a cow but is probably just from a red deer.
There are some more bones in a smaller tub

  1. Pliers and a toothbrush that I use to clean bones
  2. Another roe deer jaw
  3. A roe deer sternum (like this one)
  4. Another squirrel
  5. Bird leg bones and a furcula
  6. A rabbit foot bones
  7. A tooth from a deer or sheep
  8. An owl pellet
  9. A feather, maybe from a buzzard
  10. Beetle casings from the site where the red deer and baby died.

The tile you can see in the main picture is one that I found and liked from a ruined cottage in Quoiggs Wood.

  • The smaller box

Dad and I use these boxes to carry in our rucksacks to store delicate bones we find. This one is mine. It had in the claws, furcula, skull and lower jaws from a buzzard skeleton I found on this walk last year.

  • The bigger bone box

This is dad's bone box which he lent me a few weeks ago. I was exploring a new wood and on the way  back I found a dead fox by a fence:

 I collected the skull, lower jaws, and most of the teeth but not the upper canines:

  • The small tub

Here are two owl pellets that I collected from this site but never got round to looking at. (That was over a year ago !)

  • The bird skulls

Finally, there were two bird heads. The first one was from one I left in a flower pot last year. I think it was off a sparrow that my friend Holly's pussycat killed.

The other one I found at Holly's house during a barbecue.  It was in good condition with lower laws aand beak sheats. I'm not sure what it's off yet.

Now I have to go and tidy these up before mum goes mad !

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fluffyside said...

love your bones jake, hope you have a great weekend and see you soon my friend from neil

Anonymous said...


I'm sure that bird skull you've got is a greenfinch skull; its got a greenfinch feather on it & I've seen a greenfinch skull before and the one you've got is exactly the same.

Jack Neath

Jordan said...

wow Jake you had a lot bones. lets hope your mum goes banannas

p.s barbrer was leaving church today ;)

Jake said...

@Jack: Cool, thanks !
@Jordan: My mum already is bananas.

Psydrache said...

My Mom would kill me if I would leave bones and skulls in the kitchen. Ecspecially when they are not cleaned xD
But often she helps me to clean skulls. One time she helped me to debrain a marten. Well, it wasn’t a fresh marten, so the brain was only a dry ball. But it was too disgusting to me to debrain it by myself ^^”
Do you have a marten skull? I think I have one left in my bone box, maybe you want to trade?
When I’m out in the woods I’m often too fussy to pick every bone from the ground. Maybe I’m just old and my back hurts xD
Hey, good luck for your future bone hunts!

Jake said...

Hi Psydrache,

Could do, maybe for a roe or red deer ? As long as it's not a pine marten though.

BagshawSophie said...

what is a furcula?

from sophie

Psydrache said...

You got an email about the marten thing ;)

Jake said...

Hi Sophie,

A furcula is a horseshoe shape bone above the ribcage and below the neck on birds and dinosaurs. I wrote about furculas here and there is a picture of one on a goose if you scroll down this story.

Jake said...

Hi Psydrache,

About to read it now !

BagshawSophie said...

ok thanks, i will have a look

from sophie

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