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Five cool mysteries from yesterday's walk


I'm in the last few weeks of my school holiday (Scottish schools go back earlier than English schools), and yesterday I had planned to explore a new wood high on the moors which needed to start with a steep climb up the hill. But as I set off I could see the rain coming in over the hills, and I knew it was going to be a long, exposed walk to the wood, so instead I decided to go back to Suicides Graves, which is a large red deer wood I've explored many times before.

So dad and I went looking for deer and bones and we took a loop through the wood, starting with the south east edge, moving along the south, then cutting back through the middle of the wood to look for frogs. ( I found loads !) On the walk we found five pretty cool mysteries: can you solve them ? (Click on "Click to see the answer" under each one to reveal what it was !)

Q. How did a hedgehog get run over in the middle of a wood ?

At the very start of the walk, we found a dead hedgehog at the base of a tree. But the strange thing was that it was completely flat from being run over The only way that a hedgehog could be squashed like this is if it was ran over by a car or lorry, but there are no cars in this wood, the nearest road is 300 yards away, and it was much too rough for quad-bikes or motorbikes. So what happened ?

Q2.  What animal is this the body of ?

The woods are surrounded by farmland. I caught a glimpse of this through the long grass in a field to the west where cows and sheep are normally kept. Can you tell what animal it is ?

Q3. What animal is this bone from ?

At the furthest point on the walk was a small area of pine trees on the south-west corner , which I searched. It was most likely to be from a young red deer - there were lots of red deer bones which I spotted on the walk - but the proportions of the bone looked wrong, especially where the knee end widens out. The only thing I could be sure about was that it was young when it died because the end of the bones were unfused, and that it was a left femur (thigh bone).

4. How did this tunnel form ?

When we came out onto the south edge of the wood, there was a low fence which separated it from farmland. At the base of the fence I found a old plastic box in a pile of stones. I rolled it over with my foot and found that there was a big tunnel vertically underneath it for at least two metres. 

I asked this on Twitter the same evening, and no-one worked it out. Can you ?

5. What woodpecker makes this noise ?

At the south part of the wood, we sat in the edge of the trees, watching for any red deer in the field where they often graze. We didn't see any, but we kept on hearing a knocking noise. At first I did not know what it was. Then I thought it could be a woodpecker, but we looked around and could not see a woodpecker, but then you often can't. It was three or four very loud taps, with a pause of about a minute between them. What caused it ?

So how many did you guess ? Be honest !

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Melanie said...

I guessed none! The battery one had me completely stumped!

Daisy Debs said...

I only got the poor hedgehog one ! Beautiful woods in Scotland and wonderful wildlife . Thankyou for sharing : )

sedruff said...

I only got the cow bone one.

Jake said...

It's not obvious at all. Really strange.

Jake said...

Glad you like it !

Jake said...

That's still pretty good, it's not an obvious bone to find.

annehogg said...

Hi I wanted to let you know I feel that you have brought a lovely compelling blog to a lot of people. There are a few half wits out there who would like to spoil that.I noticed that they don't show their faces.

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