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The cleaned up six-point red deer skull


Here's the six point red deer skull that we found back here. At the start, this skull was really really dirty because it was buried under the ground with only one antler sticking out. It took us weeks to clean up, but it was worth it. Dad's put woodstain on the antlers, and it now hangs on my shed, next to two other red stag skulls.

To clean it up, first we sprayed it with water, then soaked it in a bucket with some washing powder, then put it in some mild bleach. The bleach made the bone a bit flaky, and brought up some yellow patches, so then we put it in the peroxide for a week, and it came up brilliantly.

Here's a red deer stag that we saw yesterday which would have been about the same size as the one that this skull came off.

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