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Loads of deer bones from the walk today


Today I went on a bone walk with my friend Alabama, her brother Jackson, her dad and my dad. I was leading the walk because Ali and Jackson hadn't been on this kind of walk before. We went through a part of the wood that I knew very well, and where we'd seen lots of red deer before.

We found all the bones above on the walk, most of them roe deer but with some red deer as well. We started off by looking in a place where poachers throw away heads and lower legs of deer that they shoot, then we explored a few other places. We found the best bones almost at the end of the walk, when we found parts of a roe deer skeleton, like the spine, parts of the leg, the skull, and the shoulder blades.

We walked down to where I found a dead red deer hind (Dixie) in April. We went back in July, when it had rotted down to bones, and took some of them back then. Now, hardly anything was left, and the only other bones left were buried in the mud.

We didn't see any deer on this walk. Sometimes we've been lucky and seen loads and loads in this wood, but today there were none.

Ali and Jackson did really well on this walk because it was their first time and they found loads and loads of bones. We've put all their bones in the peroxide tank, so maybe in a week all their bones will be clean and white. But some of their bones were green and old, and the peroxide is getting a bit old, so it might take longer to get them right.

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