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Two small jaw bones


I've got two jaw bones from small animals to clean up. The top one I found in a wood while on a walk with mum and dad, and I think it is a squirrel jaw, but I'm not sure.

The other one I think is from a hedgehog. My friend Holly found it on the road which goes up to the castle in the village. One night my dad and I were coming out of a wood late at night and we found a hedgehog. My dad picked it up in his hat so we wouldn't get spiked. It was cool and I wanted to keep it as a pet but daddy said no. If I had a pet fox, I'd call it Guy Fox.

A hedgehog skeleton looks different to what you'd think. Here's a picture of one and see how many people didn't guess what it was. You think it has just tiny legs but they're actually quite big. Here's another website that shows you how they curl up into a ball, almost like a pussy cat.

I'll clean these up, but we need to buy more peroxide first for the cleaning tank.

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