As of February 2016, after 416 posts, and over six and a half years of blogging, I'm taking a break.
I've explained why here. There's plenty of past posts to read, though - hope you enjoy them !
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Happy Christmas to everyone !


Happy Christmas to everyone ! I am spending it at home and at grandmas in Scotland. I hope you have a good Christmas and get all the things you ask for.

We don't have snow here at the moment but this robin was in the woods a few weeks ago when we did have snow.

My bone project for the Christmas break is....

...putting my fox skeleton Vulpy back together ! I'll post in the New Year about how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Jake! So are you fully re-articulating Vulpy, like they do in museums, where they pose the skeleton?

Jake said...

Yes, but it's hard !

Psydrache said...

Merry christmas to you, Jake! I hope you have a good time and a good succes to your fox project! We don't have snow here neither :P

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