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My ten most popular posts of 2012


It's coming to the end of 2012 so I thought I would do a post on the most popular posts I have written this year. I was very surprised by the results ! Some of my favourites are in there but there are other ones (like exploring the deserted castle or my post on seeing white tailed sea eagles on Skye) which I thought would be in the top ten.

Actually all my posts were popular this year with about 75,000 visitors and comments on every single post apart from one (this one). Anyway here in reverse are the ten most popular posts I wrote this year....

10. My brilliant new clever invention for cleaning bones
This was a post about how I bought a second-hand baby bottle sterilisers for £5 and used it to clean bones. It works brilliantly !

9. The monkfish skull and my new fish skull
This was a gift from Michael Fox from ages ago that I only got round to writing about this year. It is very unusual and very delicate and I'm glad someone else rotted it down for me because of the smell and Mum would have gone mental.

8. Strange bones #9: a horribly broken bone
This was a roe deer tibia from a wood on the moor near my house. It was broken and rehealed horribly.

7. Today I found a bomb from WWII !
When me and Dad were walking in Dougal's Cairn wood after a storm we found this mortar bomb and the police had to come out and then the bomb disposal team. I was in the newspapers afterwards which then led to post #3 !

6. My haggis skull, and how to track wild haggis
Haggis are rarely seen here except for the start of April so I was lucky to find this skull. I enjoyed making the video on how to track them too.

5. Where can you find animal bones ?
A lot of people were emailing me about where they could find animal bones, so I wrote this. I am lucky because where I live there are lots of bones nearby, but I hope this helped other people.

4. My pig skull
I got this as a gift from my friend Mrs Powell. It's an amazing skull and having it helped me work out some of the teeth on my post on the archeological bones.

3. My amazing golden eagle skull
After I was in the newspapers about the WWII bomb I got an anonymous package through the post from a retired stalker in the north of Scotland. This was an incredible skull and it took about a month to find out whether the law let me keep it.

2. How not to identify bones

This was a post about a picture library where the photographer labelled all the bones wrong. It was a silly post during the winter when I couldn't go out walking but it was really popular. The silly photographer "Wallenrock" obviously hasn't read it though because the captions are still wrong.

1. Finding out a young deer's age by its teeth
This has been my most popular post this year. It was more of a science guide than about a bone I found, and I wrote it because there were no other guides which were as good. It only covers roe and red deer but I am glad lots of people found it useful.

I'll do my last post of the year on NEw YEars Eve where I'll write about what a great year this has been !

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