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"Secrets of Bones" with Ben Garrod begins tonight !


This is VERY important if you're in the UK: tonight is the start of a six-part series about bones on BBC4, presented by Ben Garrod, who I've seemed to know for ages, and who I met when I was in London last summer. He's given me great tips and ideas in the past, from working out the injuries to my golden eagle skull, and the pathology to my mummified fox skeleton.

It's called "Secrets of Bones" and it's on BBC4 at 8.30pm. I won't be watching the first one live, because my school parents' evening is on that evening, but I'll be watching it later in the evening, I think. I've seen some of the clips from the series, so here's what I know:

Ben filmed at all sorts of places and museums for the series, like the Natural History Museum in Oxford (there's a blog post about his filming here) and, I think, the Horniman Museum stores. This picture was taken at the Natural History Museum in Dublin which I never been to, but spookily enough my dad was there just a few days before Ben was filming !

This was at the Galerie de paléontologie et d'anatomie comparée in Paris. I was there in 2011 ! It's a great place and I blogged about it here and here. It's a must see for any bone collector.

This is the official trailer on BBC iPlayer. If you are in the UK, you should be able to see it. If not, sorry !

Ben's promised to do an interview here at some point during the series, which I'm really looking forward to. This is when we met at the Grant Museum last summer:

Remember to watch the first episode of the Secrets of Bones on BBC4, 8.30-9.00pm tonight ! 

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Ric said...

Pity it's only half an hour! I'll also miss it live, Jake, I'll be at a community wildlife event.

Jake said...

I had my school parent's evening too, so I paused it and watched it when I got back.

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