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The end of a brilliant week


Right, first things first: no badger rearticulation post this week. I've just been too busy and it's a big post to write so I'll get on it this weekend. Instead, I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my book so far since it went on sale on Monday and everyone has said nice things about it. 

It's nice to hear what everyone thinks about it when they see it for the first time, because I was working on it for sixteen months, and it's hard to tell what it's like after that. I thought it would probably be brilliant but it's still nice to hear others saying the same thing. Here are just some of the comments from Twitter:

I got my first bit of proper fan mail on Sunday when amazon delivered someones copy a day early and they emailed me to say how much they liked it. I got my first review on Amazon today as well (five stars !). Online reviews are apparently REALLY important, so if you enjoyed the book, PLEASE take a few minutes to write a review and tell others about it at Amazon UK, WH Smiths and Waterstones

I was back on BBC Radio Scotland on Tuesday on Fred MacAulay's show. I had been on before, when I was just eight. Dad took a picture on Tuesday which was in the same position as four years ago:

It was good to be back on, but I was more nervous that I had been for Winterwatch, and there was one question he asked ("what's the biggest bone ?") which I couldn't remember the answer to at the time (even though it's in my book). Here's the whole interview:

 Here's me with Fred MacAulay at the end of the show:

At Scouts on Wednesday night everyone was asking questions about the book and being on BBC Winterwatch, like how long it took to write (about a year in total, but some was taken from old blog posts), where they could buy the book (buy from an independent bookshop if you can, but also WH Smiths, Waterstones and Amazon), did I have a script for Winterwatch (no), and was I nervous ( a bit, don't think it showed).

On Monday, the day of the book launch, we had a party at home and a friend had made this amazing cake. (You can see where my baby brother put his finger in the cake).

It's been an amazing and busy week and I PROMISE I will get ground to writing about rearticulating the badger next week ! In the meantime, BUY MY BOOK, and then write reviews on Amazon, Waterstones and WH Smiths ! I would also LOVE to see picture of people with their copies of the books for a gallery somewhere, and if you see my book on sale, I'd love a picture of that too !

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Wildlifekate said...

I've just done an Amazon review for you Jake! :o)

Ric said...

It is a totally excellent book, Jake, Thank you very much for the dedication! I will certainly do you a couple of reviews. Congratulations and really well done!

Anne said...

Well done jake.

Jake said...

Brill, thank you !

Jake said...

Thanks !

Jake said...

Thanks !.

Jake said...

Hi Fabbio - Brilliant to hear from you ! I've added a link on this page and on the sidebar. Thanks for all the fab illustrations !

Daniel said...

Have you ever thought of collecting other things such as feathers?

Jake said...

I do, I pick up anything that I think is interesting, but my main collection is still bones.

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